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Plasma Kinetic

Plasma Kinetic

used for urology bipolar resectoscope system and general surgery laparoscopy .

1.identify the different special instrument, automatic set the energy output, without adjustment, achieves the plug and play.
 2.tissue completely condenses, the system provides timely visual and auditory feedback, so as to achieve the best of the coagulation effect

 3.Large LCD display with both Chinese and English language .

 4.Equipment of humanization design, doctors can control it freely.
 5.With digital and sound reminders congeals, safe and effective.
 6. Using pulse principle in energy generated during the continuous cooling effect, make the tissue and the instrument not easily adhesion.

7.Reducing thermal diffusion, reduce heat damage, not easy focal scab, reduce smog

8.Intelligent supply appropriate energy, excellent hemostatic performance

9.Diversified devices, shortening surgery operating time


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